Forged in Darkness

The Forgotten Prince Series - Book One, Forged in Darkness. This book is not yet released. All information provided below is unofficial until product is published.


Even within the depths of darkness,
There is a light that is not godless,
A shadow stands strong to protect,
The light which we may reflect.

Forged in blood and fire, a newly made blade is imbued with a soul.

It’s been thousands of years since humanity accidentally tore a hole through the fabric of existence in their search for answers. The event was apocalyptic on a planetary scale; Earth was destroyed. the earth was ripped from its rotational axis around the sun and superimposed into the earth of the other dimension. Both versions of earth were irreparably destroyed and reformed as a more giant planet with two moons. A new Eden.

The remnants of the human population banded together with the sentient races native to the alternative earth to forge a new society, but humanity had attracted the attention of the void and corrupting whispers lead both sides astray.

Only myths remain as echoes of the truth from that ancient time. In the stories passed down between generations, one thing stayed consistent between each telling. A mystic dragon and the human mage bound both their two races as a new lifeform, the dragonkin. The dragonkin acted as guardians against the void and their intervention changed the fate of what otherwise would have been. They rose swiftly first as guardians, then as conquerors of a vast empire.

But it could not last.

The blood of the dragonkin has dwindled, and few remain. Their empress has fallen in battle against a demonic commander and a usurper king now commands the might of the empire. The usurpers’ only fear is the last of the dragonkin revolting against his rule. Who will stand as the guiding light as the void closes in?


  • Prologue - Awakening Darkness
  • Chapter 1 - Friendly Sibling Rivalry
  • Chapter 2 - A Village Imperiled
  • Chapter 3 - Lone Wolf
  • Chapter 4 - A Royal Misshap
  • Chapter 5 - Forbidden Teachings
  • Chapter 6 - A Furious Healer
  • Chapter 7 - Dishonourable Duel
  • Chapter 8 - Undead Assassin
  • Chapter 9 - Death or Exile
  • Chapter 10 - Cavern of Eternity
  • Chapter 11 - A Power to Undo the Fel
  • Chapter 12 - Temple of the Fel
  • Chapter 13 - Fel Temptations
  • Chapter 14 - From the darkness, comes the light
  • Chapter 15 - Next Steps / Spirit Binding
  • Chapter 16 - A Blade Time Cannot Touch
  • Chapter 17 - Rumors of a Rebellion
  • Chapter 18 - A Burning Sacrifice