By Fire Be Purged

The Forgotten Prince Series - Book Two, By Fire Be Purged. Coming soon to Amazon and Gumroad. Limited book preview will be made available for interested readers closer to the release date.

The Forgotten Prince Series - Book 2 - By Fire Be Purge (Cover)


Even lost in despair,
Life endures with a prayer,
While death may yet approach,
The void cannot encroach.

A shadowy bargain is struck, and destiny’s wind blows ever onwards.

Chroniclers rarely record the truth of heroism or the price that heroes pay. If they did, the result would be far fewer so-called heroes who want to follow that dark and bloody path. Yet, for Solomon, the cost of victory is irrelevant in the face of his goal.

Trapped in a fallen dimension and surrounded by hellfire, Solomon must ally with darkness incarnate to gain his freedom. He must discover if the light can genuinely balance the shadow in his heart.

Solomon needs to return to Eden, and soon. Otherwise, he stands to lose everything he has worked so hard for as those closest to him suffer the consequences of his actions. How will Solomon negate the intense hatred for the dragonkin and persevere in removing the demonic taint from Eden?


This book is not yet released. All information provided is unofficial until product is published.